Leather and Fur


Keep Your Leather and Fur Items Dirtless

Does your leather coat look dried out or old? DeJardin Cleaners, LLC provides comprehensive and quality leather and fur cleaning services. Our experienced and reliable staff pay detailed attention to your garments.

You can rely on our trained staff to thoroughly clean your leather and fur garments using safe techniques. After cleaning, your fabrics will get their new look! Contact us to find out about our other laundry services.
Fur coat

Take a Look at Our Leather and Fur Cleaning Services

  • Leather and fur cleaning
  • Leather and fur alterations
  • Fur hook and loops
  • Rips and tears
  • Stitching the lining
  • Leather and fur preservation
  • Hat cleaning and repairs
Visit us today for leather and fur cleaning services.
"Super-friendly staff able to meet almost every one of your needs!"

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